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Shaft Fujikura Speeder Zéro

Shaft Fujikura Speeder Zéro

Shaft Fujikura Speeder Zéro

Le shaft le plus léger du marché ,

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Shaft Fujikura Speeder Zéro

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Background of Development

“Air Speeder” launched in March 2014 gained big appreciation beyond our expectation from the market.
It was unexpected for us that the market requests large necessity in light weight and the range of the
target exists vastly. And furthermore, in April 2014 we made a complete set of shaft from driver through
iron, and enjoyed good reputation from customers who experienced longer distance gained from the light
weight shafts. We have studied light weight shaft continuously after introduction of “Air Speeder”.
We have tried to evolve the light weight technology and got success in making sub 30g shaft called “ZERO
Speeder” that is the lightest weight in the world. This is the fruits of Fujikura’s high technology from the
production line and the attitude to craftsmanship, and is the Fujikura’s Quality.

Features of ZERO Speeder

Increase of head speed from the overwhelming light weight.
In spite of sub 30g, you feel strong impact and long distance.

Technology of ZERO Speeder

Accumulation of multi-hoop plies. By laying up hoop-ply which prevents crash to shaft inside and outside
with double-plies accumulation, we got performed increase of strength in bend and crash.
Design for high torque We used high torque design which has also done for Air Speeder. Torque 10.8 has
both flexibility and strength.Ultrathin painting We improved painting process in our line and succeeded in
decrease of paint volume by 0.7g and performed 0.8g paints for ZERO Speeder versus 1.5g for Air Speeder.